Top 7 Food Franchise Businesses in Australia 2024

Starting your own food business in the hotspots of Australia requires a huge upfront investment for developing the concept, buying a restaurant or café, marketing and permits. Plus, there is a higher risk of failure due to lack of administration, financial and risk management skills.

Therefore, smart entrepreneurs are buying popular food franchise business to maximise profits without taking unnecessary risks. A franchise is a great business model in Australia that allows aspiring business owners to buy the license and operate under a well-recognised brand. They can use brand and its popular products in exchange of franchise fees and royalties. All you have to do is to work with their set menus, operational guidelines and marketing strategies.

So, you should focus on buying a renowned and profit-driven food franchise option that can help you generate higher income from the day one.

Below is the list of top 7 food franchise opportunities you can grab in Australia this 2024:

1. Foodco

Foodco or Foodco Group Pty Ltd is a popular food brand in Australia. It has expanded to seven other renowned nations in the past few years. The company was founded back in 1989 and has grown to over 500 food and coffee retail stores.

The global headquarters is located in the capital of NSW and its retail branded system include Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue, BeanGiving Retail and Crocs Playcentres.

Jamaica Blue is considered as one of the most popular cafes in Australia, New Zealand, UAE, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, Muffin Break is a beautiful bakery café available in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

If you are passionate about starting a bakery café in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, or other parts of Australia, buy their food franchise and fulfill all your business dreams.

2. Gelatissimo

Gelatissimo is one of the most recognised places in Australia to enjoy delicious gelato-based ice-creams. Established back in 2002 in Sydney, the brand has now fancy and beautiful ice-creams in more than 4 countries, including Australia, Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia, China, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

Buying a Gelatissimo Franchise comes with a ton of benefits. You will be given a head start to attract potential customers without a hint of stress. Franchisees will also receive training and support in areas like marketing, operations and staff management.

Experts believe that franchisees expect profits in the first quarter and a ROI within 20-36 months. So, it can be an ideal food franchise model for new business owners.

3. The Coffee Club

Established in 1989, The Coffee Club has become one of the most renowned coffee café businesses in Australia. The company has emerged as the largest café group in Australia and has around 400 stores operating in 9 countries.

So, it is a lucrative franchise business in Australia. They have established business model, operational systems and a proven customer base. You will also get comprehensive training on making the same quality of coffee and menu preparation to sustain the reputation of the brand.

4. Mad Mex

Do you want to run a fast-food restaurant in the prime location of Australia? Look no other than Max Mex. They are known for providing Mexican cuisine and voted as the best Mexican restaurant in the country.

The brand had more than 60 units in the year of 2017 and continues to grow with the same dedication and enthusiasm. You can buy their franchise models and receive comprehensive training and support.

5. Baker’s Delight

Founded back in 1980, Baker’s Delight is also a renowned name in the Australian food industry. The bakery franchise is committed to offering high-quality, delicious and fresh bread to their customers.

The brand is operating in more than 700 places across Australia, USA, New Zealand and Canada.

You can consider buying this franchise business and create your own success story without taking any financial risk.

6. Piccolo Me Café

Established in 2012, Piccolo Me Café has become one of the famous coffee brands in Sydney. The company has now 30+ cafes in the cities of Melbourne, Wollongong and Sydney. The café is known for serving fresh and quality food and coffee for their customers.

Piccolo Me offers various store models and you can pick the one that suits your estimated needs and budget. The best part is that stores are equipped with all the necessary equipment and can help you generate higher income shortly.

7. Roll’d Vietnamese Food

This is a popular Vietnamese food business that has established itself as the one-stop solution for all types of authentic Vietnamese food. They have more than 125 stores in the nation and the business is booming – thanks to their marketing tactics and food diversity.

You can buy their franchise business in the prime location of Melbourne. You can also find more information on businesses in Australia to create your own success path.

Wrapping up

These seven most lucrative options to can consider if you are looking for a profitable franchise business model in Australia 2024.